ABOUT US Federation of Autism Associations help autistic people to ensure their full participation in social, economic and cultural life in Turkey. ODFED was established with 10 civil society organizations who work in this field coming together. İt is still continuing its activities with 16 active members. Organizations mainly consists of families affected from autism. ODFED carries out public awareness, configuration lobbying and communication activities on autism.  

Our Mission Ensure awareness of autism in the social and public sphere in Turkey and work for the creation of an effective public opinion in this area To ensure the elimination of discrimination against persons with disabilities and autism Ensure the participation of autistic persons in social life (education, daily life, work life) the elimination of obstacles and the protection of individuals’ rights and freedoms Assist in the implementation of education and health applications based on the scientific basis Contribute to the realization of legislation in this area To cooperate with international organizations working with similar purposes  

Our Principles and Values Autism associations Federation put participation at the forefront in all activities. We are against all forms of discrimination ODFED İS independent from governments, political parties and other governing power. We care mutual understanding, experience sharing and collaboration between our members and with members of other civil society organizations. Aims to make the activities of its members visible and to create added value to these activities and puts these among its principles and targets.  

Our purpose       Ensure the civil societies working on autism come together and to construct force. Provides transfer of experience, sharing and communication between its members. Works to strengthen its member associations. Acceptance of autism as a separate disability group and to be respected as so. İnforms the public in diagnosis, treatment and education of autism. Raises the quality of services produced by its members. Prepares and encourages collaborative work environment between its members. To support the making of law in education, care, adaptation to life of autistic persons. Establishes contact with similar international organizations. Organizes training and information programs for the public. Supports leading professional and technical organization in the field of Autism. Supports the production of new methods and applications and the development of basic concepts for autism consultant and application. Enables public and private sector to benefit from the operation of Turkey Autism Platform, provides training services to organizations and members who request or allows to give. Supports the works who create and improve family consulting centers in medical and educational establishments for the families of individuals who were diagnosed with autism Encourages the opening of autism-related units and institutes in the Universities and motivates the people in related profession to do their work and career in the field of autism. Encourages education and research in autism therapy. Allows the identification and monitoring of codes of ethics in the field of Autism. To create standards of certification to be submitted by various organizations in the field of autism and to monitor implementation of these standards.

ODFED allows establishment of a regular and healthy relationship, improvement of this relationship and exchange of information with public administrations. Establishes electronic communications networks and operates it. In accordance with their purposes and when necessary , with permission from relevant authorities, ODFED organizes  vocational training and education programs, participate in the regulation of this type of program, can open library, establishes professional certificates and degrees, collaborates with organizations working in this direction. To carry out the purposes of its members, we support building of sports field or hall, social facilities and similar facilities for activities that laws don’t prohibit. In order to accomplish its purpose and make their activities more efficiently, ODFED may establish commissions on issues relating to purpose, can organize the activities of the commission in a report, provide the reports to the relevant authorities and inform the public Meeting their own purposes, ODFED do congresses, seminars and similar studies, prepare and distribute printed and visual materials.  

Communication For detailed information and communication:   Autism Associations Federation   Adress: Hasanpaşa mah. Uzunçayır Cad. Şahin İşhanı 19/3   Kadıköy/İstanbul Tel: 0 216 428 01 00 GSM: 0 532 786 37 47 Web site:   e-mail: